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If you have a graduate in your household you may want to listen up. Our next guest has a few financial tips to set them on a financial future to maximize their earnings. With us now is Hagen Pruemm, the owner of SIS Financial Group.
Scammers are using artificial intelligence to trick people into giving out sensitive, personal information. One thing people can do to protect themselves from scammers is enable multi-factor authentication on any financial accounts.
Spring Break season is quickly approaching, and whether you plan to travel abroad or stay in the country it's important to keep your money safe. Hagen Pruemm of SIS Financial Group shares some tips for saving money and traveling smart.
WFLD: How to keep your money safe during Spring Break
"Recently, GOBankingRates conducted a survey of 1,001 adult American women about their finances. The survey asked about monetary goals, investments, debt, spending habits and..."
"If you're an adult 50 or older, we have some good news and some bad news. First, the good news. Americans are living longer. Now the bad news. Americans are living longer."
"About half of Medicare Advantage members left their plans by the end of five years, according to a 2023 study from Brown University School of Public Health."
"About half of Americans are defined as being in the middle class. But, surely, they don't all share the same lifestyle. For that reason, we'll divide the middle class into lower, middle, and..."
"There's nothing like having a meaningful relationship with your grandparents. Unfortunately, however, as they age, they may find it difficult to care for themselves."
"Are your parents near or in retirement? Have you thought about what's going to happen when they can't take care of themselves anymore?"
"Whether you put aside three, six or 12 months' worth of everyday expenses in an emergency fund depends on your circumstances, including your cost of living and your income."
"If you're thinking of sharing some of your wealth with your grandkids, here's how to do it."
"Federal law adds to exceptions for emergency distributions from IRAs, 401(k)s."
"Figuring out if your finances are on track for retirement can be tricky. If you have retirement questions, you're probably not alone."
"Investors who are worried about the stock market declining, and who don't mind limiting potential upside gains, can consider a new breed of exchange-traded funds called..."
"Deciding where to pick up and move can be challenging, but solo agers often have special considerations."
"Move over, Facebook, Apple and Amazon. It’s time for smaller tech shares to shine."
"If you aren’t getting approved for credit cards or loans and aren’t getting favorable rates for financing, you might need to improve your credit score..."
"Before crafting a last will on your own, here are some issues to keep in mind..."
"I will definitely get life insurance before I go," said the 33-year-old, who got her first break in the entertainment industry on 'America’s Next Top Model...“
"Many people in or nearing retirement know something about how retirement income is taxed. But according to veteran financial advisors, most don't know a great deal about the subject..."
"There's no place like home for the holidays. It's the time and place families should gather for religious ceremonies, big holiday meals, gift giving and of course, frank financial talks..."
"Many retirees believe that having completed the savings accumulation stage, the remaining years should be worry free..."
"Recent studies indicate Americans' lack of retirement preparedness is even more abysmal than long assumed..."
"In recent years, well-known names like investor Warren Buffett and singer Sting have gone on record..."
"BEING SIDELINED BY cancer or another serious condition can have significant implications for your retirement outlook..."
"When there's a lack of communication about money matters or you're not in agreement on how your savings should be invested, that can throw your entire retirement planning strategy off course..."
"Over the years, I have seen people spend more time planning their summer vacation than planning for the next 25+ years of their lives..."
"Retirement planning has been a hot topic among pundits, politicians and financial experts for quite a while, but today’s level of longevity risk is still a new phenomenon..."
"Retirement planning has been a hot topic among pundits, politicians and financial experts for quite a while, but today’s level of longevity risk is still a new phenomenon..."

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